Need More Traffic, More Leads & More Customers?
InTouch Can Help! We look at your current marketing and business goals to determine the right approach to make you successful.
Achieve Your Business Goals with InTouch

"Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you are going to go about achieving it and staying with that plan."

Tom Landry

It all starts with our simple method

A Conversation

Inbound Marketing Converation

Step 1

We talk to you about your website and what you hope to achieve. We'll offer suggestions on how you can reach your business goals.

Planning Meeting

Inbound Planning Meeting

Step 2

Once we agree we are a good fit for each other, we'll schedule a meeting to discuss your business, budget and goals in more detail.

Strategic Plan 

Strategic Plan Development

Step 3

Next we create a strategic plan and proposal based on your business goals, competitor analysis and current marketing.

Plan Implementation

Inbound Plan Implementation

Step 4

Its time to put your plan into action, get everything set up for your success and start creating dynamic content.


Inbound Customer Engagement

Step 5

Over the length of the contract, typically 12 months, we develop content designed to drive customers and convert leads.

Analyze & Report

Analyze and Report

Step 6

We monitor your account daily to determine what's working and what's not working. Everything we do is measurable.

Our 6 step process takes you from start up to implementation and beyond. We take your business goals, develop a strategic 12 month plan designed to meet those goals and show you how staying with the plan will yield results!

You + InTouch + Inbound = Results!

Our strategic services are all developed around the 4 Inbound Marketing Actions to help you reach your business goals and objectives.


You don't just want traffic, you want the right traffic!

Paid Search


Turn your website visitors into leads by offering something they want or need.

Close the Customer


You have attracted the right leads, now it's time to turn them into customers.



Continue to develop quality content so your customers will become promoters of your company and the services and products they love.

You don't hire us to just improve SEO, conversion rates or leads, you hire us to grow your business!

Why choose InTouch Marketing as your Partner?

Implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy can be time consuming and frustrating. Understanding and implementing the concepts and strategies, learning new software and understanding what it all means, takes time and commitment. If you are like most business owners, you don't have the time or staff to commit to such a venture. That's were InTouch Marketing comes in. InTouch can handle all of your Inbound Marketing for you. As a partner with InTouch we offer:

  • Strategic Planning to understand and reach your business goals
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Implementation of your Inbound Marketing Strategic Plan to prove it works
  • InTouch can handle all your Inbound Marketing and design services in-house
  • Access to our internal project management platform
  • Top level management are all seasoned business owners who can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to your own situation
  • Monthly planning and strategy meetings
  • We can set up training for your staff
  • Our #1 priority is your success. The more successful you are the more successful we are